The one where it all becomes a little bit more real …

September 15, 2019

I spent some time on Friday afternoon taking on the networking industry’s minutia and trivia exam (aka CCIE R&S written) … and I won. 🙂

It’s all become just a little bit more real now, and a little bit more scary – after all, this means I’ve now can sit a lab exam in order to get my numbers – and I’m ideally going to do that before February 24th 2020 (or otherwise revisit what I’m studying in some areas).

And it’s strange – the thing I’m most excited about, is not the fact that I’ve passed the exam (although that’s good in itself), but that I can now finally have the access to log in to the Cisco Lab Booking System.

Update (10th Oct): Feb 6th. Just under 120 days to go. Yes, I’ve booked the lab.

By Andrew

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